Aims of Boarding

Our most important aim for the boarders at Highfield is to provide a safe and happy “home-from-home” so the children can thrive and develop in a warm, caring and supportive environment. Through life in the Boarding Houses and all the activities we offer, we hope to develop a strong sense of teamwork, respect for others, kindness, thoughtfulness, and other key life skills to help the children thrive at Highfield and beyond. We want to provide a boarding experience that fully prepares the boys and girls for their senior school careers. We want them to become more independent, creative and to foster a love for learning and challenges, not only in the classroom but in all areas of their lives at Highfield.

The challenge of boarding is to learn how to become part of a community, to cherish and respect the skills, strengths and differences of others, to learn how to make the most of individual strengths, whilst working at weaknesses. Our aim is to see children grow as individuals, to flourish and fulfill their potential with a genuinely positive mindset.

Life in the Boarding Houses is based on mutual trust and respect, and we aim to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which everyone can learn and develop at a pace that best suits them.

To see our full Aims & Principles of Boarding at Highfield, please click on the link below.

Statement of Aims & Principles of Boarding | PDF

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