"From their first night boarding at Highfield our children have never looked back. The boarding experience has enriched our children’s relationships with others and prepared them perfectly for boarding at Senior School."

A Year 8 Parent

One of the major benefits of boarding is that children are able to make much better use of their after school time. Parents are frequently worried about who will help their child do their prep as it’s such a struggle to get them to settle down to do it at home. In fact they are often surprised at how their prep improves. Prep is carried out in the classroom in quietness and with no distractions from other siblings. All the children are doing their prep at the same time so they don’t feel like they’re missing out on anything and are more willing to focus on completing their work. Prep is supervised by teachers who know about the subject so if a child is struggling they can help out with any queries. The time the children need to complete their prep decreases and the standard of their work improves.

"Boarding at Highfield is even more fun than a big sleepover as there are loads more people to enjoy it with."

A Year 4 Boarder

Boarding children are also able to fully exploit the wealth of facilities and activities available to them on site without having to rely on parents being available to supervise or ferry them and their siblings to and fro. For boarding children, their options are endless, they can take a dip in the swimming pool, use the tennis courts or cricket nets, take advantage of a huge array of specialists clubs or just head back to the boarding house, grab their duvet and curl up with hot chocolate and a good book in the common room.

Boarding at Highfield offers children the freedom to just be children. Freedom to run and enjoy acres of safe, private grounds, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful rolling countryside. There are woodlands to explore and build camps in, and trees to climb. Few children get to enjoy such old fashioned freedom today, especially in our towns and cities.

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