We aim to offer the most supportive and collaborative process possible in helping our parents identify the right Senior School for their child. We feed the top education establishments in the country and take great pride in our flawless record of securing every child’s place at their first choice senior school. We do not feed a narrow range of Senior Schools. We are determined to ensure that each of our pupils goes to the School that is right for them; we are always looking for the 'best fit' in terms of personality and abilities, while also meeting parents needs and expectations.

We want our children to be as happy and fulfilled at Senior School as they have been at Highfield and the process of finding the right school is an exciting and collaborative venture between me, my colleagues, the child's parents and the child themselves.

This process can begin as early as Year 4, particularly if parents are looking to send their child to their Senior School at 11+. It involves detailed discussion between me and the child's parents, recommendations of schools that appear to fit their broad objectives and then visits by parents to these schools, so that they too can get a feel for them. I always tell parents it is a little like house hunting; there are those houses we visit and rule out immediately, others that seem to ‘almost’ fit the bill and then those that we know almost instinctively and in our hearts are the right ones. Although the top Senior Schools are all doing broadly the same things extraordinarily well, offering outstanding facilities and opportunities and a mouth-watering range of extra-curricular activities, each is unique, with its own atmosphere, priorities and 'feel'. It is this ‘feel’ that so often informs the matter of choice.

That we feed so many schools, as shown below, is I believe, evidence that we genuinely succeed in identifying the individual qualities, strengths and needs of our children. The fact that they settle so well and thrive in their new schools is further evidence that the process works and that they do move on to great schools that really suit them.

Above all, we are a school that allows our parents to keep their options open. Whether they want day or boarding, co-ed or single sex, 11+ or 13+ exit, we have the experience and knowledge to help them make this vital decision for their child. It is also a matter of great pride to us at Highfield that no child has failed to pass into their first choice Senior School for many years, whether at 11+ or 13+.

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster.

Most Popular Destinations of Highfield Pupils since 2000

Co-Ed Schools
Marlborough College http://www.marlboroughcollege.org
Wellington College http://www.wellingtoncollege.org.uk
Bryanston http://www.bryanston.co.uk
Bradfield College http://www.bradfieldcollege.org.uk
Canford http://www.canford.com
King's School Canterbury http://www.kings-school.co.uk
Cranleigh School http://www.cranleigh.org
Millfield http://www.millfieldschool.com
Bedales http://www.bedales.org.uk
Downside http://www.downside.co.uk
Boys’ Schools
Winchester College          http://www.winchestercollege.co.uk
Eton College http://www.etoncollege.com
Charterhouse http://www.charterhouse.org.uk
Sherborne http://www.sherborne.org
Radley College http://www.radley.org.uk
Girls’ Schools
Wycombe Abbey http://www.wycombeabbey.com
Sherborne School for Girls http://www.sherborne.com
Downe House http://www.downehouse.net
St Swithun's http://www.stswithuns.com
Heathfield St Mary's http://www.heathfieldstmarys.net
St Catherine's Bramley http://www.stcatherines.info

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