Introduction to Classics

Latin is taught to all students at Highfield from Year 5, and most continue the subject into Years 7 and 8.

Our department's ethos is one of industry and rigour, instilling in students a culture of excellence with regard to their study of the classical languages. Latin is approached in an orderly and grammatical fashion, with English to Latin composition and linguistic exercises from the very start. Years 5 and 6 both follow the scholarship syllabus, it being assumed that all of our students are capable of sitting exams at the highest level by their final year at the school. Greek is also offered as an extra-curricular activity once or twice a week, with an aim to sitting Common Entrance by pupils' final year at the school.

Despite our principally linguistic philosophy, we seek to broaden our students' classical horizons across the board - the addition of displays, trips and annual Roman Days allow for a fully rounded appreciation of the Ancient World.

Ed Clarke is Head of Classics and author of "Variatio: A Scholarship Latin Course", the textbook used by Highfieldian Latinists.

Samples of Work from a Lesson in Roman Writing

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