Introduction to Design and Technology

'Design Technology is all about making things that people want and that work well and are durable. Creating these things is hugely exciting: it is an inventive, fun activity'. James Dyson, Chairman/Owner, Dyson Ltd.

We are all designers whether we know it or not! We select what items to own and which to have around us. We build, buy, arrange, and restructure: all of which are a form of design. When consciously, deliberately rearranging objects on our desks, the furniture in our living rooms, and the things we keep in our cars, we are designing. Through our designs, we transform houses into homes, spaces into places, things into belongings.

Here at Highfield we firmly believe that Design and Technology should be fun. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for our pupils to develop their thinking and learning skills, and to get those creative juices flowing. We cultivate a creative and innovative atmosphere, which allows pupils to take risks and experiment in a safe and positive environment, underpinned by secure knowledge and understanding. The high satisfaction levels amongst our pupils are testament to the value of the subject in raising self-esteem; pupils feel immensely proud of the projects they have nurtured from paper to product.

The key aims and objectives of Design and Technology at Highfield are:

  • To value the work of all our Pupils. 
  • To explore the impact of the man-made world and how we live and work within it.         
  • To nurture creativity, innovation and attention to detail, through designing and making. 
  • To provide pupils with an opportunity to work with a variety of tools, materials    and  equipment.
  • To develop our pupils’ ability and confidence in using equipment, through carefully   considered   schemes of work.   
  • To help develop our pupils’ understanding of the form and function of familiar products.    
  • To introduce pupils to CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacture).  
  • To establish a learning environment that is stimulating and imaginative, yet also relaxed, where pupils feel supported and secure.  
  • To help prepare pupils for life in a rapidly changing world and empower them to understand the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies.

What to Expect

Expect to find a lively department buzzing with enthusiasm and creativity. Like technology itself, projects are continuously developing and changing to match the creative curriculum and school trends, such as the iPad Identity Project. We also take into account opportunities that arise around the school, for example we are currently designing and building a projection box for an outdoor cinema in our beautiful woods. There are plans too to construct a roundhouse in the woods which will be used as an outdoor base for bush-craft activities.

Please feel free to browse through the picture gallery which will hopefully give you a taster of some of the fantastic things Highfield pupils get up to in Design and Technology.

Jamie Dew is the Head of Design and Technology.

Year 4 Examples of Work
Year 5 Examples of Work
Year 6 Examples of Work
Year 7 Examples of Work
Year 8 Examples of Work

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