Pupils attending during the main Highfield School terms are required to have sufficient spoken and written English to be able to participate fully in school life. If additional English Language support is required this can be provided by specialist EAL teachers on a one to one basis at a cost of £30/hour. There is close liaison between EAL teachers and subject teachers to ensure that pupils receive all the support they need to enable them to have full access to the curriculum. Beginner level English speakers are encouraged to attend our Summer School Course, to help improve their English levels before attending the main school term.

In addition to extra tuition, if necessary, during the main school term we will seek to adjust the individual academic pathway of the international pupil, providing enhanced opportunities for speaking and listening, effective models for spoken and written language, and to tailor ways to help them cope with their various subjects. Moreover, we provide a welcoming environment enabling them to feel happy, confident and able to contribute to school life.

Currently 20 of our 280 pupils are from overseas ensuring a complete immersion in English language and culture and ensure overseas pupils are fully integrated within the school and motivated to use their English at all times. 

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