Nursery Fees for Big Bears and Little Bears

Big Bears & Little Bears Per Weekly Session / Per Term

Morning (without lunch)


Morning (with lunch)


Afternoons *


 NB: Little Bears only operates mornings Monday-Friday
 * Afternoons free if eligible for Free Entitlement. Free Entitlement is only available in Big Bears & Reception.  A maximum of 15 hours per week can be claimed.


The Government Free Entitlement Grant

Parents of three and four-year-olds at Brookham School are eligible to receive the Government Free Entitlement Grant. The government commitment for free entitlement for three and four year olds is based upon covering the cost of up to a maximum of 15 hours a week of Nursery education for 38 weeks a year. At Brookham our normal school year is less than 38 weeks. Consequently, West Sussex County Council agrees to pay a pro rata sum taking into account the number of weeks the children attend Brookham School.

Where a child attends mornings or full days (i.e. not solely afternoon sessions), parents will be liable for fees according to the school’s standard schedule. If a particular child is eligible under the Free Entitlement Scheme, the school will apply for the grant on the parents’ behalf, according to the number of sessions attended, and apply the grant as a credit against the term’s bill. Where parents wish their children to attend Free Entitlement funded sessions only, they may do so by attending afternoon sessions only. In this case, the school will apply for the Free Entitlement grant on the parents’ behalf, according to the number of sessions attended, and use the grant to meet the full cost of these sessions. No additional fee will be charged. However, priority for space in the afternoons will be given to those who are attending full days.

Regulations regarding the Free Entitlement Grant are issued on an annual basis by the local authority. Brookham School reserves the right to withdraw from the scheme should the regulations prevent the school from fulfilling its obligations, or meeting its overall objectives as an independent school.  

To find out more about the Free Entitlement Grant or download the Parent Declaration Form please click on the link below:


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