Food at Highfield and Brookham Schools is very important. Just ask the children. We have a fantastic team of enthusiastic and dedicated chefs who provide the children with a varied choice of delicious, nutritious and well-balanced meals, cooked on the premises using the healthiest cooking methods. We are passionate about recycling as much as we can, including oil and we are very proud of our 5 stars awarded from the Food Standards Agency for environmental health. We plan our three weekly menu cycle carefully to take into account seasonal variations and are happy to cater for a wide range of special diets.

Healthy Eating

We endeavour to serve as wide a choice of healthy food options as we can and naturally promote healthy eating. We offer a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables at all times and the children are encouraged to have at least one vegetable on their plate and to eat fresh fruit at every service time. Our meat is excellent quality and comes from a reputable supplier with complete traceability and we try to incorporate fresh fish into our menus as much as possible. All the children are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day and because nearly all our food is prepared on site, we are able to avoid many additives.

Dietary Needs

While we promote the school as being a nut-free environment, we cannot guarantee being completely nut-free. The schools Nut Policy document can be viewed on our School policies page by clicking here. We cater for a wide variety of special diets and are keen to work with both parents and children to ensure that all needs are met. Please contact the Domestic Manager, Sarah Gray, should you have a questions or concerns regarding a special diet Tel: 01428 728035.


All the children are encouraged to fuel up well during the day and so fruit is offered at morning break and in the afternoon for Year 3.


Lunch is served cafeteria style and there is a plentiful supply of food on offer. Nursery and Reception are served ‘family style’ at the table but everyone else from year 1 upwards comes through the cafeteria. All children may start with homemade soup and then there is the choice of jacket potatoes from our potato oven with salads. There is a pasta bar with a choice of 2 fresh sauces, Chef’s hot special of the day with accompanying vegetables and potatoes or rice, vegetarian choice on offer to all, followed by either hot pudding, or fresh fruit. The meal incorporates recipes from a variety of cultures and cuisines and all the children are encouraged to try new things. Staff are on hand to ensure that the meals chosen are healthy and balanced and that food waste is kept to a minimum.

Special Events

Throughout the year the children enjoy many special events put on by the catering department. There are themed days, tasting tables, Halloween celebrations, toffee apples on fire work night, Christmas parties, summer barbeques and much, much more and all occasions are enjoyed by the children and staff alike.




Brookham Menus

For Highfield menus, please click here to visit the Food at Highfield page.

Brookham Lunch Menu - Summer Term 2018
Nursery and Reception Lunch Menu - Spring Term 2018

Please note - Menus can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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