The Highfield Estate Plan

We are delighted to announce that the Highfield Estate Plan was endorsed by the South Downs National Park’s Policy Committee on the 29th March 2018.

The plan covers the whole Estate (517 acres), providing a detailed review of what we have in place and how we plan to continue to develop and improve in terms of our Ecology, Woodlands, Transportation and Schools. By working in partnership with the National Park they have gained an insight into our vision and ambitious plans for the Estate and Schools’ development which we hope will be beneficial as we come to put these plans in place.  

The Estate Plan and accompanying documents may be found below and are also available on the South Downs National Park website

The Whole Estate Plan | PDF
H & B Woodland Management Plan | PDF
H & B Ecological Management Plan | PDF
H & B Travel Plan | PDF
Stanley Farm Woodland Management Plan | PDF


Renewable Energy at Highfield & Brookham

We are always looking for more sustainable and cost-effective ways of maintaining the buildings and grounds, environmental sustainability is very important to us. With that in mind, Highfield & Brookham recently invested in Biomass Energy with a woodchip burning heating system; a sustainable system which utilises the woodland on our estate to produce energy and heat the entire school.

The schools sit in 175 acres of beautiful land and currently require 1.3 million kWh per annum. Before the new installation, the schools consumed an astounding 140,000 litres of oil a year. With the installation of the new woodchip burner, we are making an instant saving on oil consumption, which can now be re-invested in many other areas of the schools. In addition we are also able to benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme which encourages the installation of renewable heat technology with financial incentives.

The woodchip burning heating system is considered to be carbon neutral as trees take carbon out of the atmosphere as they grow, which is replaced in the atmosphere as they are burnt, so there is no increase in atmospheric Co2 levels. The system is sustainable as the woodchip used for burning is derived from Chestnut coppicing on the Highfield & Brookham estate. Chestnut is a naturally self-replenishing woodland and requires little, if any, replanting to maintain its levels.

The installation has been introduced over a period of time to ensure minimal disruption to the school during term time. Brookham Pre-Prep and Nursery installed their pipes during the long summer break and the boilers and interfaces were up and running at Highfield, by the Christmas break – just in time for the really cold weather that followed! The schools have also taken the opportunity to install other systems including solar thermal, solar PV, ground source heat and air source heat systems, leading the way in sustainable, efficient energy use.

While the financial and environmental benefits are clear to see, the children are also benefitting. The woodchip burning process, along with other forms of sustainable energy, are being incorporated into the school curriculum. “All pupils are able to visit the renewable energy installations, and Year 8 scholars are presently using their school iPads to find out about Biomass as part of a current project” says Highfield Headmaster, Phillip Evitt. “We hope to inspire this generation to lead the way in looking after our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.”

Click here to find out about the exciting, sustainable Eco-Warrior work children have been taking part in at Brookham.

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