Introduction to History

At Highfield we seek to make the study of History informative, relevant and enjoyable. Emphasis is put on good written skills, an understanding of the different periods through a range of source materials, and plenty of discussion, bringing the subject to life. The skills needed for Common Entrance and Scholarship Exams in Year 8 are seen as building blocks, starting in Year 5, and these skills are also applicable at GCSE, A level, and beyond.

Trips play a major part in the department's work, with all year groups taking part in at least one outing a year, and there are workshops held at school too.

The programme of study that we follow is broadly chronological, to ensure that events are understood in context and not as isolated packets. There is a mixture of English and European history, from the 5th to the 20th centuries.

History Year Group Subject Summaries
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