Brookham House System

At Brookham we have a three house system to which all the children from Nursery to Year 3 belong. As soon as the children arrive they become members of ASH, OAK or WILLOW. Siblings in different year groups will be placed in the same house so that cheering the children on in various events during the year is not a problem for parents.

Members of staff in the school are allied to a particular house and regular meetings are held to which all the children across the years are invited. At the start of each term new House Captains are elected from the Year 3 membership. The House Captains take charge of meetings and come up with very good ideas for raising money for our charities and for social occasions.

The system works well in terms of bringing the different age groups together and there is a house points system which fosters an atmosphere of positive competitiveness. 

Events such as poetry competitions, sports day, art competitions and many others are all house based and every child will be able to shine for their house according to their particular strengths.

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