Introduction to ICT

ICT at Highfield is dynamic and constantly growing. The use of ICT, by pupils and staff, has grown enormously over the years and will continue to grow with future investment. ICT is becoming a prominent feature of life at Highfield, enhancing the teaching and learning that goes on here.

Children get to use Windows and Mac platforms and with the introduction of Ipads in Year 6 we are trying to give the children access to the latest technoloy. E – Safety and Coding is taught in lessons and the BBC Microbit is an exciting addition this year. Most importantly of all, however, pupils are starting to benefit from the way staff teach using ICT  to enhance learning.

There are two fully equipped ICT rooms at Highfield, each with 20 networked PCs, as well as Interactive Whiteboards. There is also a Music Technology Room, located in the Music Department, which houses 20 Apple Macs running a range of programmes and music composition software. The ICT Department also provides one wax colour printer, microphone headsets, scanners and four digital cameras for the pupils to use.

All classrooms contain fully networked Interactive Whiteboards and data projectors, with amplifier and speakers.

Richard Dunn is Head of ICT.

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