Parents are invited to register their children at any stage, but as availability of places especially in the younger year groups can be very limited we would recommend registration at the earliest opportunity. 

Selection Policy

Highfield is non-selective and takes pupils with broad ranges of ability which we believe is an essential element of the School’s strength and give it its great character and atmosphere.  Beginning level English speakers are welcome on the Intensive Summer School Course, but pupils attending during the main school terms are required to have sufficient spoken and written English to be able to participate fully in school life. 

Currently 20 of our 280 pupils are from overseas.  We have a maximum of 4 pupils from any given country in a Year Group to ensure overseas pupils are fully integrated within the school and motivated to use their English at all times.

All registered children, from outside the UK, are required to take UKiset; school reports and character references are also requested on application. You can register your child for the UKiset test by visiting the website This website is also a great source of information. UKiset can be taken at approved test centres worldwide and one test can be used to apply to multiple schools, saving you time and money. After the candidate has taken the test, a report is generated for their parents and a separate in-depth report is created for us. 

On receipt of the applicant’s UKiset Profile, school report and character reference, we will respond directly to the family or the Educational Agent representing them.

Highfield Fees 2018 - 2019

Fees Per Term
  Day Boarding
Year 4 £6,325 £7,950
Year 5 £6,750 £8,350
Year 6 £6,750 £8,350
Year 7 £7,175 £8,750
Year 8 £7,175 £8,750
Sibling Discount (not applicable if any other discount received)
Second child 2.5%
Third child 7.5%
Fourth child or more 12.5%

Boarding fees are fully inclusive except for uniform, trips and pocket money. A non-refundable fee of £100 is charged for registration. A deposit of £1000 is required to confirm your place which is refunded in your invoice.

To find out if there are places available for the year of entry for your child at Highfield,  please email our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Caroline Lukic, at the following email address: 

Admissions Form | PDF

To read the Highfield Standard Terms & Conditions please click below.

Terms and Conditions | PDF

* Agents - please visit our Agent Homepage for further financial information.


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