At Highfield children reap the benefits of a genuinely broad and balanced curriculum, introducing pupils to a wide range of subject areas. The broad curriculum allows us to identify pupils' strengths and weaknesses and enables pupils to realise their potential across as many curriculum areas as possible. The schemes of work are designed to prepare pupils fully for entrance to their chosen senior school at either 11+ or 13+ via Entrance Examination, Common Entrance or Scholarship Examination. Pupils are also prepared for their respective senior school Entrance Examination at 12+ if required.

Form Tutor & Specialist Teaching

Each pupil is allocated to a Form and a Form Room. The Form Tutor is responsible for the day-to-day pastoral welfare of each of their pupils and will also closely monitor their pupils' overall academic progress. In Year 4, the Form Tutor will be responsible for the teaching of many of the curriculum subjects to their form, but teaching by specialist teachers in specialist subject rooms is introduced as early as possible to maximise the pupils' achievement and progress. In Year 4, pupils enjoy specialist teaching in French, Art and Design, Music, IT and PE. From Year 5 to Year 8 pupils receive specialist teaching in all subjects.


The school understands that pupils may have specific strengths and weaknesses across the curriculum. To enable the potential of each pupil to be developed, for pupils to be taught at a level most appropriate to their ability and for pupils to be best prepared for their chosen senior school, they are placed in sets according to their ability in the core subjects. Pupils may for example find themselves in Set 1 for English yet Set 3 for Mathematics, when this best suits their individual needs. The choice of the most appropriate set for each pupil in each core subject is regularly reviewed. Teaching groups for all other subjects are determined by the core subject teaching sets. These subjects are therefore not 'set' in relation to the child's ability in those subjects. The teaching in these subjects is appropriately differentiated to ensure all children work at the pace that is appropriate to them. Subjects that dictate the grouping of other subjects may change from year to year.

Pupils in Year 4 are taught largely in mixed ability groups where work is differentiated in the classroom to cater for the wide range of pupil ability and individual needs. Work in Mathematics and English may be taught in ability groups when appropriate.

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