Highfield School is committed to accepting children within a wide range of academic ability. The school recognises that individual children will have particular strengths and abilities as well as particular academic weaknesses and areas of learning that may require support; this may be on a long-term basis or at a particular stage of education.

The Learning and Study Skills Support Department and the Director of Teaching and Learning monitor the academic progress and development of all children in the school very closely. Regular meetings with Subject Departments are held to discuss individuals and groups of pupils. A close analysis of exam and test results is routinely carried out to help identify those who may be experiencing difficulties in aspects of their learning.

All the teachers at Highfield are teachers of children with Special Educational Needs.  Staff receive regular training to ensure that they are equipped to identify and meet the needs of individual pupils. The Director of Teaching and Learning regularly observes lessons to monitor the progress that pupils are making and to ensure that teaching is effective and matching individual pupils’ needs. Where a pupil is identified as having areas of weakness in their learning, a support programme may be put in place that is tailored to the child's individual needs. This programme may involve strategies and targets that subject staff put in place across the curriculum, extra support in the classroom from a Teaching Assistant or withdrawal for 1:1 individual tuition targeting identified areas of need. 

All 1:1 support sessions are delivered by a dedicated team of Specialist Teachers, trained to devise and teach individual programmes that will use the individual’s strengths to reinforce areas of weakness. Individual lessons are charged as an extra and will be added to the school bill at the end of each term.  As part of our holistic approach to learning, the school is also able to organise Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, or Educational Counselling for those pupils for whom it would be of benefit.

Currently the school has a number of children who have a diagnosis of mild to moderate Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Speech and Language Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, plus a number of pupils who simply require a little more support than others in aspects of their learning.

Our aim is to help all pupils achieve their individual potential. The school has a fantastic record of achievement with pupils who have specific learning difficulties, with many of these children ultimately achieving excellent CE results and admission to top Senior Schools. More information about Learning Support at Highfield can be obtained by contacting Mrs S Evans (Head of Learning Support). For more detailed information please refer to our SEN Policy which can be found on the Policies page in the About Us area of the Highfield website.


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