As the school year begins, the children soon settle into their new routines. They enjoy the week night activities such as swimming fun and games, board games, tennis, bike riding, camp building, marshmallow roasting, in house German Spotlight, dressing up and decorating gingerbread men. Tuesdays have become a regular arts and craft night and this year the children all contributed to a group of Kandinsky inspired canvasses that now hang proudly in the play room. Thursday night is ‘movie night’ with popcorn and hot chocolate, lounging on the bright new beanbags under duvets.

Weekends are always fun and busy. Saturday afternoons are highlighted by the trip to the Haslemere Sweet shop, often followed by pizza making, (including the dough!) A movie often follows, along with a sleepover in the common room for those children who have been consistently organised with their laundry! The new wii can also be a popular Saturday night activity.

The Year is punctuated with various key events which the children throw themselves into with good humour and enthusiasm. The Halloween Supper and party saw everyone diving for dangling doughnuts and guessing gooey creatures in the feely box. The dorm decorating competition at Christmas saw some imaginative and creative uses of the ceiling and turned the house in a festive feast for the eyes. Mr Wilkes made stacks of pancakes for everyone on Shrove Tuesday and  a competitive challenge commenced with pancakes being thrown all over the front lawn. Chocolate sweeties were made in abundance ready to sell at the Highfield car boot sale, where children found some rather interesting and random purchase to fill their dorms with! The summer term, sees many hours spent on the tennis courts playing ‘scuffs’ and climbing and playing hide and seek in the rhododendrons. These outdoor activities culminated in the Year 5 boys setting themselves a challenge one supper time this year, in which they tried to run 10km round the athletics track in one go. Unbelievably they succeeded, with sheer determination and bare feet!


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