If you live in London but would like your children to enjoy the benefits of a country Prep School, Highfield boarding might be for you. Highfield provides the opportunity for children to throw themselves into a wide range of Sports on five afternoons a week. Then there is Music, Drama, Art and extensive extra-curricular provision offering children the most beguiling palette of opportunities and experiences to choose from.

Choosing to board at Highfield offers children the freedom to be children. Freedom from the hours spent travelling to and from school, clubs and friends’ houses, as they are all there on their doorstep. Freedom to run and enjoy acres of safe, private grounds, fresh air and beautiful countryside. There are woodlands to explore and in which to build camps and endless trees to climb. Few children get to enjoy such freedom today, especially in our towns and cities.

London Shuttle Service

All pupils have lessons on Saturday mornings, and Saturday afternoons are dedicated to matches against other schools, either home or away. Many London parents enjoy coming to watch their children play and then take them home afterwards. Leaving London at 5pm on Sunday evening, our shuttle service then escorts children safely back to school in time for tea and chapel, and ready for school in the morning. On exeat weekends we provide an escorted train service back to London so you can make the most of the weekend and enjoy some quality family time.

If you have any queries about whether boarding would work for your family, do contact our Admissions Registrar, Caroline Lukic, on Tel: 01428 728000 or on email: headspa@highfieldschool.org.uk

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