Introduction to Maths

At Highfield, we believe in a good ground of traditional basics in the early years: tables, arithmetic, algebra and geometry, with an emphasis on understanding so that pupils will be able to use their skills for problem solving. We do not follow the National Curriculum so are free to tailor the pace and level teaching to individual groups.

Top sets will progress much more quickly through the curriculum, be exposed to more challenging problems and topics with an eye towards scholarship in Year 8. Lower sets will progress more carefully with more consolidation so that topics are well established and rehearsed. Common Entrance is taken at one of three levels in Year 8.

Advanced pupils are entered for the UK Maths Challenge in Years 5 to 8 and pupils taking examinations at 11+ are given extra guidance. We aim for, and expect, the highest level of basic Mathematical skills. At the early stages, we teach children to be very fluent at all their times tables up to 12 x 12 and to be very proficient at their four rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by traditional methods. This is soon followed by plenty of work on decimals and fractions, putting in place all the building blocks, leading to algebra, geometry and other topics. We tend to avoid any routine use of calculators until much further up the school when all the arithmetic should be well established.

Arithmetic in Year 5 and 6

We aim to take all these basic skills way beyond the requirements of Common Entrance or the National Curriculum so that children gain a really solid understanding. We believe in plenty of reinforcement and consolidation through regular practice, equipping children for mathematical problems and challenges further up the school. Pupils should be well prepared for Scholarship or Common Entrance work by the time they reach Year 8 where they do plenty of practice papers.

Geometry and Area in Year 6 and 7

Not being tied to any external scheme, we have the flexibility to teach topics at the right level and at the right time for particular groups. We teach each set differently in response to needs, recognising wide ranges in ability and rates of progress. We pick and choose exercises from books, do plenty of work from the board and make and adapt many of our own worksheets, tailored to specific sets.

Isometric Drawing

We place an emphasis on mathematical correctness and rigor, using the grammar of mathematics with the correct symbols to create a concise, logical flow. Work should also be neat, quick and accurate!

Pi and Pythagoras in Year 7 Leading Towards Higher Level Work in Year 8

Year 4 is taught by the Form Teachers

Years 5 to 8 are taught by Patrick Davies Philippa Sanders, Sophie Lingham, Naomi Watts, Peter Hesselmann and Chris Searson.

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