Highfield enjoys outstanding academic success. The recent ISI Report in January 2011 noted that:

"The level of pupils' attainment indicates that they make exceptional progress in relation to pupils of similar ability."

ISI Report, January 2011

Highfield embraces the ‘Creative Curriculum’ approach Brookham parents will be familiar with and continues the ethos of teaching traditional subjects creatively and using the stunning natural grounds and woodlands as much as possible to enhance learning. ‘Tradition with a twist’ as the Good Schools Guide puts it.

Highfield allows parents to keep their options open. During the next years children have the opportunity to grow and develop into young people at their own pace, taking advantage of the wealth of activities and possibilities to explore different interests. Highfield goes up to Year 8 broadening the selection of senior schools available to 11+ or 13+ options . There is a balanced mix of girls and boys providing a good co-ed experience as well as a balanced mix of boarding and day children. During Year 6, parents and children who wish to consider boarding senior schools are also welcome to try the ‘Steps to Boarding’ programme to gain some boarding experience, or remain as a day pupil throughout if that is their preferred route. Whether they eventually choose day or boarding schools, co-ed or single sex, Highfield will provide the relevant experience for your child ensuring they join their senior schools self-confident, self-reliant and exceptionally well prepared.  

If you would like to find out more about Highfield we have Open Days in February, May and September or you are welcome to arrange a visit to at any time by emailing the Admissions Registrar, Caroline Lukic on headspa@highfieldschool.org.uk

For more information on Highfield’s academic and scholarship success visit the Academic area of the Highfield website.

For more information on choosing Highfield as the Prep School for your child visit ‘Why Highfield?’ in the Admissions area of the Highfield website.

Admission to Highfield for Brookham Pupils

It is assumed that a child who attends Brookham, the Highfield Pre-Prep, will automatically transfer to Highfield Prep for Year 4 at the age of 8+ unless the Brookham Headteacher has advised the child’s parents in good time (usually a year in advance of transfer date) that Highfield would not be appropriate.

There is no formal admission assessment for Brookham children who wish to attend Highfield, unlike those who apply from outside Brookham. However, the Brookham Headteacher must be confident that the child is suitable for Highfield and as part of their assessment Brookham uses the same style of Assessments as are used at Highfield, providing a useful baseline for assessing a child’s suitability.

It is important to emphasise that very few Brookham children have been directed to other schools rather than Highfield on grounds of ability or behaviour. Parents who educate their children at Brookham until the transfer point, the end of Year 3, are entirely at liberty to send their child to another school other than Highfield.

More information for Brookham parents on how we help prepare our Year 3 pupils for the move up to Highfield may be found on the ‘Transition to Highfield’ area of the website.

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