If you are a parent living overseas and considering a Senior Boarding School in the UK at 13+, do consider the benefits of using a UK Boarding Prep School as a ‘bridge’ between Junior and Senior School. There really is no substitute for this Prep School experience.

The benefits of the ‘family feel’ of a Prep School cannot be emphasized enough, allowing children new to a boarding environment to settle in and find their feet surrounded by grown-ups committed to making them feel as safe and nurtured as possible. Prep Schools are invariably smaller than Senior Schools, and therefore far less daunting. Staff have dedicated their careers to understanding the needs of younger children and joining a Prep School towards the top, say at 10 or 11 is a lot less intimidating than joining at the ‘bottom’ of a Senior School at 13 with no previous experience of boarding life.

Academically, with six or seven terms in a Prep School before moving on to Senior School, children are swiftly and effectively brought up to speed with the British Independent School curriculum, familiarised with expectations and brilliantly taught for either Common Entrance or Scholarship Exams. It also allows the opportunity to consider a range of options for Schooling at 13+.

Highfield provides the opportunity for your child to throw themselves into a wide range of Sports, on five afternoons a week, a provision and experience often unavailable overseas. Then there is the Music, Drama, Art and extensive Extra-Curricular provision that provide children with the most beguiling palette of opportunities and experiences to choose from.  

Above all, boarding really is fun, there is always so much to do and so many friends to do it with in an entirely safe and secure environment. Acres of woods and grounds to play in and plenty of activities organized to keep our children busy. Children who board at Highfield move on to their Senior Schools fully prepared for all they will experience there, already used to being independent from their parents and having acquired those vital skills needed to make their Senior School experience a real success.

And finally, your child will have gained some priceless life skills; how to take responsibility for their actions, as well as their possessions, and how to get along with all sorts of different people. A boarding environment throws you together with those you haven’t initially chosen to share a Dorm with; it is remarkable what one learns from this experience, the tolerance and trust shown, the lessons learnt and the strong friendships made.  

Sending a child to their Senior School with these experiences under their belt can only be a good thing and can only enhance and enrich their experiences there.

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