At Brookham we have recently spent a great deal of time planning for and introducing a new highly creative curriculum which draws together many of the elements of the overall curriculum into a series of engaging topics for each year group. The idea behind this is to provide the children with learning experiences that draw them into their learning and engender in them a love of researching new information and being totally involved in what they are doing.

The skills that the children build as they move through these topics are truly astonishing. The research and presentation elements of the topics ensure that the children build on their existing knowledge and understanding as well as build excellent communication, presentation and research skills which will be so important to them as they move through their educational adventure and move out into the world of work.

History, Geography, Science and some elements of Literacy, ICT, Art and Design Technology are all built into the following topics.


On the Move 

An opportunity to explore who they are and how they are special.  The children think about where they might like to travel to and how they could get there. 

Out of the Egg

A fun look at dinosaurs and life cycles. You just never know what you might find when walking in the woods!

Sensational Space / Down by the Sea 

A visit from an astronaut sparks a topic about space. We then move on to thinking about the seaside, with a fun trip to the Sea Life Centre.

More information on Reception may be found in the ‘Reception Early Years Handbook’ available to download on the Parents & Pupils page.

Year 1

Children Like Us

An exploration of children around the world; their lives, homes, cultures, favourite games and hopes for future.

Carnival of the Animals

Using the music of Saint Saens as inspiration this topic explores the world's extraordinary and varied wildlife, from Africa to Australia and back home again.  

Marvellous Minibeasts

After a visit from the Insect Man and a visit to the zoo, the children enjoy exploring all facets of the insect world and their habitats.

Year 2

Enchanted Woodlands

A visit to Forest School to investigating strange happenings that occurred sparks interest into the topic, Enchanted Woods.  The children will explore and learn some favourite stories, develop rich language from familiar texts and discuss materials used by fairies for their homes, goblins for their dens and the sweet house from Hansel and Gretel.  

Rainforests of the World

This amazing topic area allows the children to explore all facets of life in the world of the rainforest.  They experience the climate first hand through a visit to the Living Rainforest near Newbury and understand the scale of the plants and the adaptations they need to help them to survive. The children will also serving tea to their parents in the Rainforest Cafe.


Though a visit to the Winchester Science Centre and a visit from a mobile planetarium, the children will discover the world beyond our planet.

Year 3

Mighty Mountains

By researching a number of mountain areas of the world, the children understand the different environments, how they are formed and look at concepts such as the Water Cycle and the formation of different rock types.

Gods and Goddesses of Egypt

By applying for the post of Egyptologist the children start their journey down the Nile. As they research the best flights and experience the delights of life as an ancient Egyptian child as well as exploring the mummification process the children will really understand the different culture and find out about a new country and its geography. What will they find as they break into the tomb?


Using the text of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children explore many facets of the way food is produced throughout the world and the concepts of Fair Trade and healthy eating.  Events such as the chocolate tasting workshop, the healthy breakfast competition and debates on the pros and cons of having a chocolate factory built in our village, all serve to enthuse the children and encourage them to think independently.

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