At Brookham our aim is that all the children feel respected, valued and safe both physically and emotionally. The following Golden Rules form the backbone to the system of Personal and Social Development we use at Brookham and is called Circle Time.

The Golden Rules are positive and simple so that everyone can remember them and try to live by them.  

Be Kind, Be Courageous, Be The Best You Can Be


Golden Time

Each week our children are rewarded for following our school rules by having Golden Time, which is held after assembly on Friday.  Every child selects from a list of activities which the children have often choosen themselves through brainstorming sessions or through School Council surveys.  The activities change weekly and are varied.  It is interesting to see that the children often choose simply activities and it shows us as adults that maybe "Simple is Best".

Some of the activities that have been chosen are:

  • Cutting and Sticking or Colouring to Music     
  • Wellie throwing
  • Camp Building
  • A Walk in the Woods
  • Dressing Up
  • Party Games or Dancing to Music
  • Paper Aeroplane Making 
  • Free Sport

If a child breaks a Golden Rule, they will know which one they have broken. Depending upon the situation, staff will come to an agreement with the child to decide the best way forward.  If, however, a child chooses not to change the unacceptable behaviour then some of their Golden Time may be withdrawn at the end of that week.

Playground Certificates

Playtime can be a worrying time for some children. Some children may be happy to play with friends, others may want to play alone.  Some may find collaborative play comes easily, others may need help with this.  At Brookham we have a selection of toys and games in the playground that will facilitate children's interaction with one another. 

To encourage cooperation and support of one another, Playground Awards are given to children who show exemplary behaviour or kindness at playtime. These are acknowledged with a certificate on Fridays during our weekly Celebration Assembly.

We are extremely lucky at Brookham to have such a wonderful play area. The area is divided up into zones. If the children want to play with a football or take part in a lively game they can go to one area, skipping games or short tennis will happen in another area, and quiet games in another. This means that children are being responsible for their choices from a very young age. A member of staff supervises each area at every break.

We have a rota of two Year 3 playground monitors each day who wear coloured bibs and hats in the playground. These monitors are always on the lookout for children who are unhappy, need help or someone to play with. They help children who go to the Friendship Bench to find a friend or play with the younger children until they feel confident enough to go and find a friend of their own.

Other Incentives

  • Class teachers give out House Points and stickers for various reasons, academic and social.  These House Points are added up each week and the winning house is announced during Friday's Celebration Assembly.
  • Each child has their own Headteacher award books. 
  • Class teachers award certificates in the weekly Celebration Assembly.


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