At Brookham we believe that science is primarily concerned with gathering experiences. Children have a wonderful natural curiosity about their world and almost any work or play that concerns exploration of the environment will result in learning with understanding. The study of science helps children make sense of the world around them. This, in turn stimulates their cognitive development, respect for life and promotes an logical way of thinking. The National Curriculum divides the teaching of science into four broad areas:

  1. Scientific enquiry
  2. Life processes and living things
  3. Materials and their properties
  4. Physical processes

At Brookham children have the opportunity to study a selection of topics within these areas. The specialist science teacher works closely with the class teachers in all areas to ensure that a curriculum is delivered which is predominantly practical, relevant, progressive, inspiring and appropriate to all children.

In promoting a positive attitude to science, which is so important, children also have the opportunity to take part in various science clubs, school science weeks, science outings and "quests" during their time at the school.

Wherever possible full advantage is made of the wealth of natural resources that benefit the school in the way of plants, wild life and buildings. The extensive grounds and woodland which is such an integral part of life at Brookham, provide the children with endless possibilities for research and discovery.

Our Forest School ethos provides the children with many opportunities to use the natural world to support their learning. A perfect example of this was when Year 2 were exploring changes in temperature. Their brief at Forest School was to make a nest for a small creature from natural materials to keep them warm during the cold weather. They then put in a container of hot water and took the temperature of it over a period of time to see who had been most successful at insulating the small creature. Such learning is deep and memorable and will stay with the children longer than if they were undertaking a similar exercise in the classroom or laboratory.

More information on Forest School is available on the Forest School page and also in the Forest School Booklet available to download on the Parents & Pupils area of the website.

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