Boarding children sleep in brightly decorated dormitories varying in size from 3 to 12 beds and are grouped by age.  There are adults who have bedrooms close to the dormitory areas so that there is always someone on hand when needed. 

Children are free to go up to the Boarding Houses immediately after tea.  All boarders go ‘upstairs’ between 7.15pm and 8.15pm depending on which Year Group they are in. Prayers and lights out are generally 45 minutes after going upstairs.

Much thought is given to placing children in dormitories and it is not always possible or desirable for best friends to share a dormitory. One of the real benefits of a boarding education is for children to learn to co-exist with each other and to widen their circle of friends. At the end of each term children fill in a Dorm Slip listing the three friends they would like to share with. Great efforts are made to meet at least one of these requests and usually two. Each dormitory has a Captain who is responsible for alerting staff if anyone is unwell during the night. Children can alert the Housemaster or Housemistress, Resident Boarding Tutors, Resident Matron, Resident Senior and Junior Assistants by using a simple alarm connected to their respective flats and bedrooms.

Children are encouraged to make their dormitories homely by bringing their own teddy or soft toys and suitable posters to school: staff have the final say on what is deemed an "appropriate" poster!  The wooden furniture incorporates a personal pin-board for each child as well as a hanging cupboard and a drawer. All the dormitories and corridors are carpeted, warm and comfortable.

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