Sport at Highfield

There is an abundance of Sport played by pupils at Highfield and we are fortunate to enjoy enviable facilities. Alongside extensive playing fields we have an indoor swimming pool, squash court, tennis courts, golf course, cross country course and a sports hall. Children enjoy Games lessons every day with weekly fixtures on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as weekly Physical Education and Swimming lessons.

The sports we play are as follows;
Athletics, Badminton Cricket, Cross Country, Dance, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse Netball Rounders, Rugby, Rugby 7s, Squash, Badminton, Basketball, Sailing, Swimming & Tennis.    

Highfield Sport Philosophy

Highfield prides itself on offering opportunities to all and opportunities to excel. Our priority is to ensure that all pupils are exposed to the right level of sport to allow them to develop at their own pace, whilst ensuring that they do not miss out on any experiences along the way. We believe that children develop their best in a multisport environment and as such we encourage all children to be involved in the extensive sports provision that we offer, rather than limiting their options at this crucial stage in their development. We aim to prepare our pupils so they leave Highfield with a broad and enriched experience which will provide them with the confidence to make informed choices when faced with senior school sport and beyond.

It is our aim to instil and teach our pupils the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork and respect; values that we hold central to everything we do on and off the sports field.


All pupils represent the school in competitive fixtures on Wednesdays and Saturdays (Thursdays and Saturdays for Year 4), whether these are internal house matches or school fixtures. Our fixture list features many schools with ranging abilities and sizes, the majority of which have been playing for many years. Highfield School Sports Department strives to create a sporting environment that is suitable to the level of the individual and enables opportunity for an appropriate level of challenge and learning. Those pupils who need to be challenged further represent Highfield at many tournaments including the highest regarded competitions; IAPS in all of the core sports where they take on the very best teams that prep schools have to offer, either individually or as part of a team.

At Highfield we celebrate our achievements but we do not take winning as the only criteria, far from it! There are not many schools on our circuit able to put out as many teams as us, to combat this we often play against a number of schools on a single day and regularly our B & C teams might be playing another school’s A or B team. This might seem unfair but it does enable our pupils to experience playing fixtures and the desired end result is their personal development, not necessarily a victory for Highfield.

To see more about our upcoming fixtures please click here to visit the Match Lists & Fixtures area of our website.

Sports Scholarship Programme

Highfield has had a great deal of success with Sport Scholarships to some of the top sporting schools in the country.  If children are put forward to join the scholarship programme they will receive additional coaching and responsibilities overseen by the Director of Sport. Highfield holds excellent links with County levels and academies and children are regularly put forward for trials.

Sports Tours

Over the last ten years we have enjoyed five unforgettable tours to Barbados among many other tour destinations including Jersey and Devon. Highfield Tours are not selective and it is our aim that every pupil be offered the opportunity to experience a sports tour before they leave Highfield.


The success of Highfield Sport is a real testament to the quality and commitment of all the games coaches who work so tirelessly and enthusiastically for the pupils and who fully support the inclusive and pastorally aware approach to Sport at Highfield. Highfield Sport coaches are equipped with the latest coaching techniques and qualifications and it is down to these coaches that all children leave Highfield with an engrained passion for sport and physical activity are all fully committed to the same coaching philosophy; Challenge, Nurture, Inspire.

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