Our Approach

When it comes to lessons, each swim school has their own approach and ours is based firmly on technique. We take technique very seriously and make this the focus for every class regardless of the level being taught. To us, technique encompasses everything from the basics of breathing correctly to body alignment to strokes and kicking. We don’t progress children who aren’t ready to move into the next stage of their swimming just to create spaces for others. We recognise that every child is individual and will progress at a different speed to others – some need a bit longer to master certain techniques whilst others are born water babies who fly through. This means that when children reach the end of their time with us, they have perfect strokes as well as being extremely competent swimmers.

Our Coaches

We select our coaches very carefully and only take those for whom swimming and teaching swimming is a passion. We believe that having this passion rubs off onto the children and helps motivate and engage them in their lessons. Our team of outstanding coaches are all Level 2 ASA or STA qualified, NARS safety qualified and first aid trained and are dedicated to delivering an excellent swimming programme. Each uses their own individual style during their lessons to make it fun and engaging but technique is still at the heart of each lesson, so regardless of which coach you may have, you can be assured that all of them will help your child to become a truly proficient swimmer.

Our Curriculum

From the very beginning, we have followed the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Duckling and National Plan Awards schemes and will continue to do so in the future as we believe it to be the strongest curriculum for children to learn to swim. It is very technique and skills focussed and takes children through all stages from complete beginners to advanced competitive lengths.

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