From the children's perspective every day at Brookham is exciting and new, but we do have our daily routines which are outlined here.

Daily Routine
8.00am Children may be dropped off at Morning Club
8.20am Children to classrooms
8.25am Registration in class
8.30-9.00am Monday Assembly, Tuesday to Friday inclusive Reading Activities in class.
9.00am Lessons
10.10am Mid morning break
10.30am Lessons
11.45am Lunch at Highfield followed by break
12.45pm Afternoon school begins; Wednesday - Whole School Singing Assembly; Friday - Whole School Celebration Assembly
1.15pmFriday - Golden Time 
3.20pm Reception and Year 1 Pick up
3.30pm Year 2 Pick up; Year 3 Pick up on Wednesdays only
4.30pm Year 3 Pick up
3.30-4.15pm After school activities (Year 1 & 2)
4.30-5.15pm After school activities (Year 3)
3.30-5.30pm After School Care

Break Times

We have two break times during the course of the day, both of which will be spent outside whenever possible.

The first, at 10.10am lasts twenty minutes and the children are offered a drink and a healthy snack before going out.  Water is available and all children are strongly encouraged to have a drink at this time.

Our second break follows lunch and lasts approximately half an hour. It is very important that wellington boots are kept in school as our play area is grass and often wet, even on a summer morning.

Four members of staff are on duty to supervise the children each play time.


After many years with a contract caterer, the provision of the food has now been taken in-house and a fantastic new Catering Manager and team recruited. The new service allows us to offer a much greater variety of healthy foods for the children to enjoy. To find out more about food at Highfield & Brookham please click here. The Dining Room has also undergone a full refurbishment, it has been painted throughout with a smart new lighting system and soundproofing installed and the oil paintings have been restored and re-hung to show them in their full glory.

After School Care

After School Club is run by Mrs Donna Scott and a team of experienced staff.

The club operates from 3.30–5.30pm every day, offering a variety of activities and includes a light tea of sandwiches, healthy snacks, cakes or biscuits and drink. Children go straight from class with their teacher to the club or if they are in Year 1, 2 or 3 they can go after their club activity has finished.

The After School Club is based in the nursery and has full use of the nursery garden. The children can enjoy various activities and time to unwind at the end of the school day.

For information on further after school activities please visit our Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities page which can be found in the Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities section of our website.

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