Lesson Times

The Highfield School of Swimming is open to children from Reception to Year 9 (inclusive) and offers lessons 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday at the following times. For Baby & Toddler swimming lessons, please click here.                        

Monday 5:20pm (lengths class only), 6:05pm, 6:35pm (private lessons only)
Tuesday 3:45pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm, 6:15pm (lengths only at 5:30pm and 6:15pm)
Wednesday 3:45pm, 4:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:10pm (lengths only at 6:10pm)
Thursday 3:45pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:15pm (lengths only at 5:30pm and 6:15pm)
Friday 3:45pm, 4:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:10pm (lengths only at 6:10pm)
Saturday 8:00am, 9:00am, 9:45am, 10:30am, 11:15am, 11:45am (lengths only at 8:00am, private lessons only at 11:15am and 11:45am)

Each lesson lasts 45mins during which there is a warm up at the beginning (with the length and  intensity dependent on the level of the class), and a short period of fun and games at the end of the lesson.

We have a maximum of 6 children in a widths group (in exceptional circumstances, this might increase to 7) and in our lengths classes, we have 4-5 children per lane.


Our swim school operates on a termly timetable for three terms of the year. Generally, the Spring and Summer terms are 12 weeks each whilst the Autumn term is 14 weeks.  Currently lessons cost £10.50 each and are charged termly in advance. Fees are subject to change.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer and Childcare Vouchers. If paying by Childcare Vouchers, please use the table below to find our reference code for each provider we are registered with which will enable you to find us on their system:


Accor/Edenred P20076771
BusyBees/Computershare 0008081490
Care4 82348686
Early Years Use our postcode - GU30 7LQ
 Fidelity HIG046C
Sodexo/Childcare Plus 178814
You At Work 12059


Entry Requirements

Children must have started school (i.e. be in Reception). Due to the depth of the pool at the shallow end, children must be a minimum of 90cm tall from their chin to their feet. This is so that when they stand in the shallow end, their mouth will be above the water level. Children should be fully water confident to a minimum level of being able to confidently and happily put their face in the water.

Moving Up

At the end of each term, coaches assess their pupils and award them ASA certificates and badges. Once the assessments have been carried out, we advise parents if their children need to move groups or not. This could simply mean a move to the next group up on the same day and time or it could mean a move to an alternative time or day. We endeavour to minimise day and time changes as much as possible as we understand that this can be difficult for many parents. 

We do not operate a system of having specific level groups at fixed times or on fixed days. To explain this…if we have a Stage 3 group of children swimming at 4:30pm on a Tuesday and they all receive their Stage 4 badge at the end of term, this group then becomes a Stage 4 group. We don’t try and move all the children out to other groups in order to leave the 4:30 Tuesday group a Stage 3 group. Doing this would mean children would potentially have to move every term. 

Please click on the link below for a copy of our Terms and Conditions:

Terms and condition | PDF

We hope the information above is helpful but if you have any further queries about our swim school or to find out if we have any spaces available, please contact our Head of Activities, Abi Wells at: activities@highfieldschool.org.uk

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