Highfield has always had a strong and very happy association with families from the Forces as well as Expat families, many of whose children board with us from age 8 (Year 4 onwards) while their parents are overseas. For more information on this please visit the Junior Boarding or main Boarding pages of the 'Highfield Prep School' section of our website.

If you wish to send your child to Highfield for the purpose of improving their English or to go on to a Senior School in the UK, Highfield is a perfect choice as our very small numbers of international pupils allows for complete immersion into the English language and culture. We also tightly restrict numbers from the same nationality to avoid children slipping into their native language around the school.

"Boarding at Highfield prepares pupils very well for the transition to senior school. This excellent foundation means they settle easily at Winchester and become successful quickly."


Some parents wish to send their children just for a year to improve their English, for others it is preparation for entry into a Senior School in the UK. If you are interested in your child continuing their education in the UK, there really is no substitute for experience of boarding in a ‘Prep School’ before going on to Senior School.

The benefits of the smaller ‘family feel’ of a Prep School cannot be emphasized enough. Invariably smaller than Senior Schools, Prep Schools are far less daunting and a much easier transition for children away from home for the first time. The Staff at Prep Schools have dedicated their careers to understanding the needs of younger children and are committed to making them feel as safe and nurtured as possible. Joining a Prep School towards the top, as one of the older children, is also much less intimidating than joining at the bottom of a Senior School as one of the youngest, with no previous experience of boarding life.

Academically, overseas children are swiftly and effectively brought up to speed with the British system, familiarised with expectations, and brilliantly taught for either Common Entrance or Scholarship Exams. Prep Schools allow overseas families the time and opportunity to consider the full range of Senior School options and find the right one for their child, where they will really be able to flourish.

Children who board at Highfield move on to their Senior Schools fully prepared for all they will experience there, already used to being independent from their parents and having acquired those vital skills needed to make their Senior School experience a real success.

If you would like to enquire about places in Highfield School during Year 7, please email: headspa@highfieldschool.org.uk

For further information on Highfield please visit the 'Highfield Prep School' section of our website.

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