Both day and boarding children attend school on Saturdays with a slightly later registration time of 9am and a slightly earlier finish time of 4pm, depending on their match commitments.

Boarding pupils in Years 4 - 6 may go home on any weekend. They may leave at 4.00pm on Saturday, (or after matches or other commitments to school if they finish later) and must return by 8.15am on Monday morning. They may return on a Sunday evening, fifteen minutes before bedtime or in time for evening Chapel if they and their parents wish to attend.

Boarding pupils in Years 7 & 8 may go out on any weekend except the first weekend of term. They may leave at 4.00pm (or after matches or other commitments to school if they finish later) returning to School at 6.30pm on Sunday evening in time for Chapel at 7.00pm

For the majority of boarding pupils who choose to stay in school for the weekend there is a fun (and often adventurous!) programme of Sunday Activities for them to take part in. For more information on this, please visit the Sunday Activities page.


There are two long ‘exeats’ per term where there is no school on Saturday and boarders may take a long weekend away, from Friday 4.30pm to Sunday 7.30pm. There is no Chapel service on a long exeat weekend.

During the Autumn term there are also two short exeats; from Saturday 12.30pm to Sunday 7.30pm and again there is no Chapel service on the Sunday.

Year 4 have a further two extra Saturdays off in the first half of the Autumn Term to help their transition to the six day school week.

Beginning of Term

With the exception of new Boarding children, all Boarders return to Highfield in play clothes fifteen minutes before bedtime on the evening before the start of term as follows:

Junior Boarders 7.15 pm
Year 6 Boarders 7.45 pm
Year 7 Boarders 8.00 pm
Year 8 Boarders 8.15pm

Junior House Boarders sign in with Mr & Mrs Wilkes, all Senior House Boarders sign in upstairs in the Boarding Office.

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