Year Three Curriculum

Year 3 is an exciting year for children at Brookham. More independence and responsibility are expected from the children as they have the opportunity to become Playground Pals and  House Captains. A residential week at Mill on the Brue and a performance at the end of the year provide a challenging and memorable year.

During Year 3 children will gain essential knowledge and skills from many different subject areas. These include:


By the end of the year it is our aim that the children will:

Speaking and Listening

Children are taught to present ideas and arguments in a clear, confident and organised manner.

  • Write consistently in a neat and legible cursive style, forming and joining letters correctly.
  • Compare various styles of story writing and be able to break down the components of a story.
  • Use punctuation correctly including question marks and speech marks where necessary.
  • Use an ever increasing range of vocabulary whilst writing in different genre. 
  • Spell all basic sight words correctly and know phonic sounds including simple and more complex phonic blends.
  • Locate words in a simple dictionary and achieve close phonetic attempts at spelling unknown words.

Most children are reading independently by now, choosing their own books from a carefully graded selection of books available in the classrooms and library. In Year 3 children will be heard reading individually and also through Guided Reading and the Reading Eggs programme.  The children will be encouraged to read with expression and show awareness of the content of the text.  To recount, predict, offer ideas and opinions are all skills that will be developed. Children will often be asked to think about what makes a good book.  In addition to this, Year 3 extends their reading comprehension skills through their topic work when using non-fiction texts for research activities.     

Phonics and Spelling

In order to support reading and writing we teach key vowel phonemes and spelling rules through units which include a range of spelling activities focussing on strategies.  Spelling tests take place at the end of each unit.  

Handwriting and Presentation

At all stages we encourage the children to take pride in their own work and present it to a high standard. The pieces of work should demonstrate consistent and careful handwriting.


The children learn using the Abacus Active Learn scheme.  It is our aim that by the end of the year the children will:

  • Learn, by heart, number facts to 20 involving addition, subtraction, carrying and decomposition.
  • Use hundreds, tens and units (extending to thousands).
  • Multiplication and division including learning of tables.
  • Measure length, weight and capacity using metric units.
  • Know the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes and work with symmetry and reflection.
  • Use their knowledge of money to solve problems.
  • Have a working knowledge of time, both analogue and digital.
  • Work with fractions.

All learning will be reinforced through the use of games, practical activities and problem solving.  

Overview of Curriculum

Literacy, Maths, Music, Spanish, Art/D&T, Computing, Sports and P.E are taught as individual subjects.


Children learn through music, games and written work. The aim is to encourage children to feel comfortable with speaking out loud in another language.  (Please see section on Spanish for further details).


The lessons focus on building skills for life using well known software programs. Computing and E-safety are embedded in the school's curriculum.


Games and P.E are taught by P.E specialists. Year 3 has games 3 times a week with the opportunity to play in matches against local schools most terms. Boys are taught Tag Rugby, Football , Hockey and Cricket whilst girls are taught Netball, Hockey and Rounders. There is often the opportunity to play other sports in the after school clubs. Extra swimming and tennis lessons are available after school if required through our Activities Department, visit the Swim School & Holiday Activities area of this site to find out more.


Year 3 Themed Topics:

Mighty Mountains | PDF 

Chocolate | PDF


Starting September

Year 3 is a very exciting year as the children increase in the levels of responsibility and independence. To promote their independence in readiness for the year ahead they spend the first two days of term at Forest School finishing the last day with a barbecue.

Prep and Moving on to Highfield

Year 3 prepares children for entry to Highfield and therefore their school day finishes at 4.30 p.m. every day except Wednesday. We provide Prep time from 3.15 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. During prep time children will have a short break with a snack and will then continue with the activities set for that day.

In Year 3 homework consists of spellings, daily reading and times tables plus occasional extra home activities.


More information may be found in the ‘Parents' Handbook’ available to download on the Parents & Pupils page.

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