Highfield introduced iPads for senior pupils during the Summer Term of 2013 and we now have Years 7 and 8 using iPads in the classroom and are currently rolling this out to Year 6. The introduction of iPads was made possible through substantial investments in infrastructure, and has brought huge benefits to the classroom. Teachers and pupils alike have been amazed by what this new technology has made possible and have regularly discovered new ways to use it.

Below are a number of resources to help you find out more about how the iPad is used to enhance teaching and learning at Highfield.

iPads at Highfield Video

iPad Learning at Highfield | PDF
Frequently Asked Questions | PDF
Years 5 & 6 Parents Frequently Asked Questions | PDF


Parents' Handbook

iPads: Parents' Information Handbook | PDF
How to login to eLockers on a PC | PDF 
iPad Acceptable Use Policy | PDF
iPad Policy for Senior Boarding Houses Policy | PDF
iPad Insurance Policy Document | PDF
iPad Insurance - Amendment to Policy Document | PDF

If you have any further queries, please email Hilary Barry, Director of Teaching & Learning: hbarry@highfieldschool.co.uk

Please find below some articles detailing the academic benefits of iPads.


A summary of the academic benefits of  iPads as shown by eight separate studies.


The iPad in education: uses, benefits, and challenges; a survey of 6,057 students and 302 teachers in Quebec, Canada.


iPad in Education Results.


The key findings from a study which was conducted at Longfield Academy in Kent.


A Guardian article on the benefits of iPads in the Primary classroom.

iPad overview

The purpose of this document is to provide a general overview of how iPads are used across Years 6, 7 & 8.  Please note that this is a working document with additions and changes being made not only as a result of any curriculum changes but also as new and alternative apps are discovered.  Furthermore, the absolute driving force behind how the iPad is utilised within the classroom will be based on subject teachers’ professional opinions on how to best cater for the needs of the children within the sets that they are teaching; it is therefore perfectly possible that one set within a Year Group will utilise iPads in a different manner to another, despite the same overall topic area being taught to all.

iPad Overview | PDF

How to set up iPad Restrictions

Please find attached below a guide on how to set up restrictions for use of iPads.

How to set up iPad Restrictions | PDF

If you would like more information on how to ensure safe usage of the internet, then the below are very informative:

BBC iWonder - How can I keep my kids safe online? 





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