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As with individuals, all schools have a unique DNA and we have sought to celebrate and highlight the strands that make Highfield and Brookham truly special below.

Heart & Soul

Everyone should be a courageous learner. This stems from being encouraged to put your heart and soul into everything you do - having the confidence to grab opportunities even if you are nervous of the challenges.

We don’t do things by halves, which is why we employ teachers and staff with true enthusiasm and passion for education. Staff go the extra mile, every day for every child. They will strive to make school life truly come alive for your child. Every teacher loves their subject and this will spark a love in your child as well. They put everything they have into their subject. When your child experiences this everyday, they will use it as their benchmark for success. So, even if they have not yet found their passion, our teachers will be certain to discover it with them.


Forming strong relationships is a distinctive human need which sets children up for success in the future, this is why we place huge importance on building relationships.

Our children value how supportive our teachers and staff are which empowers them to feel secure, to be themselves, enabling them to form genuine friendships. We know it is not always easy leaving your child at a new school so, you will be reassured to know that our pastoral care is consistently rated as outstanding. We are proud to be pioneers in emotional well-being as we know when children are happy they try their best, facilitating them to learn more. You know your child best. Therefore, working in partnership with you we will get the best academically and emotionally from your child. We are proud of our family feel and we can’t wait to welcome you to join us.


We place great importance on children understanding their place in the wider community. Looking beyond the school grounds children are encouraged to fully engage with the wider world and to find the part they will play in society and as global citizens.

There are a whole host of community-focused projects that your child will benefit from. They will be animated by our mission to draw the best out of everyone, sharing values of compassion and understanding. We are acutely conscious of the importance of service and care to others and your child will benefit from learning the value and importance of giving something back.

Full of Life

You will be sure to notice that our children are full of life with bounce and spirited energy. Here we celebrate adventure, where your child can really be a child.

The mundane becomes the remarkable. School drop off is easy as children rush enthusiastically to the school gates. Pick up time is a pleasure as they leave beaming with excitement over the day’s activities and explorations. Our dynamic staff offer a sense of challenge at every appropriate opportunity meaning children are constantly learning. The staff never stand still, they are constantly moving and re-evaluating their approaches which allows them to positively shape your child’s life.

Natural Environment

The facilities are (really are) incredible and readily available with their own pool, courts, woods, pitches galore and acres of freedom outside every door in the school.

Our stunning environment is not just a beautiful backdrop. It is there to be enjoyed by children every day - to explore and engage in outdoor adventure. It provides a safe space for your child to learn beyond the classroom walls. We think ‘outside first’ which means your child will have plenty of opportunities to find their respect for nature. This may be while enjoying a film in our woodland cinema, taking on our mountain biking track or navigating through the terrain during orienteering.

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