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Our school days at Highfield and Brookham Schools are jam-packed with exciting lessons, activities and Sport, not to mention the delicious home-cooked food that all the children, and staff, look forward to. While each day is new and varied for the children we do have our daily routines which keep everything running to plan.

Before and After School Care

Life for many families is extremely busy and the daily logistics can be complicated. As a result, we host 'Larks and Owls' sessions to ensure that your children can be cared for from 7.30am with a hearty breakfast through until 6.30pm where they will enjoy a tasty home-cooked dinner. Children from Nursery to Year 5 may attend this provision. 

The School Days

Brookham Nursery

Morning sessions run from 8.15am to 11.45am. A hot lunch in the Highfield dining room is held at 11.45am for those wishing to stay a little longer.  Collection after lunch is at 1.00pm. Afternoon sessions run from 12.15pm to 3.15pm. 

Children may attend any days of the week that we have availability, and in any combination of morning and/or afternoon sessions, up to full time, five days a week. We also provide 'Before School Care' from 8.00am, and 'After School Care' from 3.15pm until 5.30pm. 

Brookham Pre-prep

Before School Care

From 8.00am children may be dropped off at school where they will be supervised by a member of staff. The children have a range of games and toys with which to play. There is no need to book a place in advance.


When the front doors are opened at 8.15am, the children can go straight to their classrooms. The register is taken at 8.25am each day. 

Break Times

We have two break times during the course of the day, both of which will be spent outside whenever possible. The first, at 10.10am lasts 20 minutes and the children are offered a drink and fruit before going out. Our second break follows lunch and lasts approximately half an hour. 

End of Day

At the end of the day the children are collected from their external classroom doors. Please pick up at 3.20pm (Reception – Year 1), 3.30pm (Year 2 and on Wednesdays for Year 3), 4.30pm (Year 3 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). On Fridays, Reception children may go home either at 11:30am, 1.30pm or 3.20pm. 

After School Care

A small snack is provided and the children have a range of games and toys with which to play in a calm and secure environment. Children can be collected at any time up until 5.30pm. 

After School Activities

Children are encouraged to pursue their interests and follow their passions. We offer an extraordinary range of extra-curricular opportunities which give children experience in other activities after school such as coding, gymnastics, pottery, and judo. This enriches and broadens the educational opportunities open to all children at Brookham School. 

Highfield Prep


The School Day begins at 8.25am Monday to Friday and 9am on Saturday.

Break Times

We have two break times during the course of the day, both of which will be spent outside whenever possible. The first, at 10.40am lasts half an hour and the children are offered Sus. Afternoon Sus is at 3.05pm for 25 minutes.

End of Day

Children may be collected at 4.40pm if they have not opted for an after school activity. Games is on Wednesday afternoons from 2.15pm onwards, with most matches beginning at 2.30pm. Day Children go home, after Games, from 3.30pm. There are no after school activities on Wednesdays. Year 4 children have normal lessons until 3.30pm on Wednesday afternoons.

On Saturdays day children go home after Match Tea from 3.30pm this is variable depending on the length of the matches.  

After School Activities

Extra-curricular activities at Highfield provide opportunities for children to broaden their horizons, discover new interests and find something they truly enjoy.  We actively encourage children to partake in a wide variety of clubs and activities as we firmly believe it enriches and broadens their educational opportunities. Pick up after the activities is at 5.20pm.


Food at Highfield and Brookham

Food at our school is very important and also of outstanding quality and choice! Children and staff all eat together in our Dining Hall. We have a fantastic team of dedicated chefs who produce a varied choice of delicious, nutritious and well-balanced meals, cooked on the premises using the healthiest cooking methods. We are very proud of our 5 stars awarded from the Food Standards Agency for environmental health. Last year, the Health Officer was stunned as this was the first inspection they had ever carried out that needed no recommendations or advisory notes. Our three weekly menu cycle is carefully planned to take into account seasonal variations and caters for a wide range of special diets. Our catering staff take us on a culinary journey around the world with a series of themed menus from different countries each term. Our lunches and Match teas for parents and pupils are the envy of visiting parents and children.   


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