After Brookham Pre-prep

Most children attending Brookham Nursery, progress on to Brookham Pre-prep and on to Highfield Prep School and from there onto some of the best senior schools in the country. But we understand that there are choices to be made at every stage of a child’s educational journey and we are here to support you to choose the right academic path for your child and your family. Whatever that decision, the education children at Brookham School receive will ensure that whether they leave us at 7+, 11+ or 13+, they are well-equipped with the skills to succeed in the next stage of their educational journey. 

During their final year at Brookham, children are readied for the next stage of their education. If they are moving up to Highfield Prep School, then this will of course be a simple step, as the grounds, facilities and many of the teachers will already be familiar to them. During their final year we provide further opportunities to familiarise children with Highfield. The Year 3s enjoy ‘Moving Up Day’ in the Summer Term where they spend an exciting day as Year 4s. This helps to dispel any anxiety and the children feel excited and ready for this big and important step in September.

Should families make the decision to transfer their child to an alternative school, then we work with and support parents to make the right educational choice for their child and their family, as well as preparing the child for any entry assessments that might be necessary.  

At the end of their education at Brookham School the children have developed into courageous learners and are eager and ready to take the next steps in their educational journey.

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