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Sport at Brookham School helps to build courageous learners and develops resilience, determination and perseverance. Our ‘Sport for All’ ethos ensures opportunities for every child, whatever their sporting ability. We encourage children to go beyond their comfort zone to be the best that they can be. We use sport to create an atmosphere that encourages and nurtures intellectual and physical exploration and aim to transfer these skills from the sports field into the classroom. 

Remarkable Facilities  

As Brookham School is part of Highfield Prep School we have access to their extensive sports facilities - indoor swimming pool (heated by our own wood-chip biomass), full size all-weather Astro, 15 natural pitches, 4 tennis and netball courts, 9-hole golf course, cross country course  and beautiful woodland used for mountain biking. These facilities provide the perfect environment for children to develop their physical abilities, teamwork and communication in a wide range of sports. 

Expert Coaching 

Our expert coaches work with all children, from Nursery to Year 3. The mastering of fundamental movement skills is the most vital job of Physical Education. Without these skills, children may struggle to grasp the complexities of the fast-paced competitive sport played in Prep and Senior Schools. Becoming physically literate doesn’t happen naturally. Skills need to be taught, learnt and practised so that children build an extensive movement vocabulary and become physically confident.

Every year group has swimming lessons every week in our indoor swimming pool with Games and PE lessons 3-5 times a week. Children follow a traditional Games model with boys and girls taking part in all activities in co-ed lessons. They can put all their skills into practise when they represent their school in competitive matches from Year 2. 

Soft Skills 

Throughout PE and Games lessons, children are taught the importance of resilience and collaboration. Children try new skills, experiencing success and failure, understanding that mistakes are a sign of trying and of learning. It is a rare occurrence to see a Brookham child sitting on the side-lines because they lack the confidence to join in. 

We recognise that sport is not just about competing, children at Brookham School are taught from the earliest age about the effects of physical activity on the body and its benefits to lifelong health and wellbeing. We offer a range of physical activities that develop the skills and positive experiences needed to encourage children to want to continue physical activity throughout their education and later life.  

Extra-curricular Sporting Opportunities 

Children are encouraged to pursue sports beyond the curriculum and our optional after school clubs and Saturday@Brookham provide just this opportunity. Saturday@Brookham is our sports-based Saturday club where children take part in a variety of sports changing on a termly basis and is the perfect place to develop skills in a favourite sport, or perhaps to try something new. Our termly after school clubs also offer a wide variety of sports clubs so there’s certain to be a chance to take part in extra sport at a time that suits your family. Additional swimming and tennis lessons are also available. 


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