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At Brookham School, our teaching looks beyond the curriculum to skills that children can learn through a diverse range of co-curricular activities. We encourage children to find their passion, something that they really enjoy, whether that is competing on our sports fields, getting creative in our Art and DT studios or performing on stage. It’s our focus on developing these skills which really sets the education at Brookham School apart.

Music & Drama

Music is such an important part of early education, helping to support numeracy, literacy and concentration whilst building performance and self-expression skills. All children benefit from weekly music lessons as part of their main timetable with our specialist music teachers, Mr John Mühlemann and Mrs Mary Hall. Many children, particularly from Year 3, opt for additional music lessons to follow their musical talents. One of the activities that the children most look forward to is Musical Instrument Taster Day where the children play lots of different instruments to find the one they truly love. 

Drama develops skills that benefit all areas of learning. Children can be brave and take risks in drama, building confidence and self-esteem. There are plenty of opportunities for all our children to perform, even the smallest ones, in assemblies and presentations in front of their classmates, parents and teachers. Self-confidence is gained from each performance and it is these small victories that lead the children on to future success. We are proud that every year group right from Nursery take part in their own annual production. The courage and communication skills developed from these opportunities are skills that will take children far in the world ahead. 

Art & DT

Mrs Kim Martin, our specialist Art and DT teacher, ignites a creative spark in the children from a young age. Their projects are linked to the curriculum topics they are studying in their classrooms in order to help them explore and further their understanding.  

In our dedicated Art and DT Room children learn to draw, paint and collage which in turn helps their fine motor skills to develop their handwriting. They experiment with colour, textures and materials and learn to take risks and learn from their mistakes. 

In all DT projects there is a commitment to enquiry, thinking and reasoning and the application of effective peer and self-assessment are developed in order to inspire children to become independent learners. The creativity of our children is celebrated proudly on the walls round the school.  

Forest School

We take learning outside at every opportunity and our stunning 175 acres of grounds in the South Downs Nation Park provides the perfect environment for this. All children at Brookham enjoy  weekly Forest School lessons but Forest School is so much more than just ‘learning outside’. 

Right from Nursery, our specialist Forest School teacher, Mrs Kim Martin works with the children to teach them how to make and use simple tools, create dens in the woods and cook around the campfire. Children hunt for creepy-crawlies, dig in the mud and learn about the natural environment around them, experiencing first-hand the seasons and the changing weather. The freedom of the natural environment helps children develop their creativity, make their own choices and take risks which develops their resourcefulness and resilience. Team working and collaboration thrive in this environment as children work together on their activities. Children who find the confines of the classroom a challenge will often thrive outside. They problem solve effectively and take the self-esteem gained from this success back to classroom. We get outside whatever the weather, donning our waterproofs, warm coats and wellies. We might get messy, we might get wet, but the children’s learning knows no bounds. 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Children are encouraged to pursue their interests and follow their passions. We offer an extraordinary range of extra-curricular opportunities which give children experience in other activities after school such as coding, gymnastics, pottery, and judo. This enriches and broadens the educational opportunities open to all children at Brookham School. 

Additional swimming and tennis lessons are also available. As well as an extensive Holiday Activities Programme which runs in the school holidays. 

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