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At Brookham Nursery and Pre-prep, our pupils’ wellbeing is at the core of all that we do. We know that children need to feel secure and happy in order to try their best, learn successfully and thrive. From Nursery onwards children at Brookham School are taught a comprehensive Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, which allows children to develop their emotional literacy, social skills, resilience and independent thinking. This forms a crucial part of our learning and is reinforced throughout all subjects during the week. Whether in the classroom, on the astro pitch or in the art room our children are developing their ability to express themselves, work collaboratively, set goals and reflect upon their successes. 

At Brookham Nursery and Pre-prep, we recognise that in our ever-changing and complicated world, our children need to know that their voice is important and will be listened to.

Listening Club

All children at Brookham Nursery and Pre-prep are taught mindfulness to help them learn how to manage and self-regulate their emotions. Children can choose to come to our weekly Listening Club to speak to an adult to share any worries or concerns. There are additional 1:1 sessions for those children who may need a further space to talk, where alongside talk, we use a range of other activities to build resilience and self-esteem.

Calm Time

Calm Time happens once a week and is entirely optional. We play calming music in one of the classrooms and the children know that this isn't a place to come to chat with their friends, but rather a place to come and listen to the music, read quietly or perhaps work quietly on a creative drawing project.. Many children find that this quiet, relaxing space allows them to feel much more centred and focused when they return to their own classroom for their next lesson. 

Fully Trained Staff

We have a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trainer within the staff body, and all teachers attend a MHFA course. MHFA courses are also offered to parents on a termly basis and over 300 parents have already attended and benefited from it.

Golden Rules

Be kind, be courageous, be the best you can be.

Our positive and simple to remember Golden Rules form the backbone of our PSHE system. Each week, children at Brookham Nursery and Pre-prep are rewarded for following the Golden Rules with Golden Time. Every child can select from a list of ever-changing Golden Time activities including:

  • Mindfulness colouring to music
  • Camp building
  • A walk in our woods
  • Dancing
  • A game of football, cricket or Catch the Flag

Playground Awards

Some children may be happy to play with friends; others may want to play alone. Some may find collaborative play comes easily; others may need support. At Brookham Nursery and Pre-prep, our specialist staff facilitate children's interaction with one another and our selection of equipment in the playground all help the children to learn to play happily together.

To encourage the children to be supportive and kind to one another, Playground Awards are given to children who show exemplary behaviour or kindness at playtime. These children are presented with a certificate during our weekly Celebration Assembly.

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