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At Highfield, our teaching looks beyond the core curriculum to skills that are learnt through a diverse range of co-curricular activities. We encourage children to find their passion, something that they truly enjoy and watch them flourish as they learn and develop new skills doing something they love. A passionate lacrosse player, for example, will lead her team with assurance and take this confidence into the classroom. Focusing on developing these skills really sets a Highfield education apart.    

An excellent and very broad educational experience, combined with first class pastoral care, great facilities in a wonderfully inspiring location.

Music Drama Art and DT Life Skills

Outstanding Music Teaching 

At Highfield, Music really does offer something for everyone. We recognise the importance of Music as an integral part of education. Music supports numeracy and literacy and helps the development of many key skills. 

Our facilities are superb and we ensure we offer something to inspire all ages, musical tastes and abilities: a choir for all ages, including parents; a school orchestra; multiple ensembles; a Rock Club; and concerts that embrace everything, including dance. 

We give the children plenty of opportunities to perform. Those new to playing in front of large groups are given the chance to do so in less formal environments, such as our weekly Cushion Concerts. As their confidence grows, our termly concerts are the perfect forum for children to prepare for performing in more formal settings in front of larger audience. Performing is a crucial cog in becoming a courageous learner: independence; self-motivation; teamwork and diplomacy. 

First Class Drama 

Our Drama provision is close to unique. We focus on developing performance, building confidence and self-esteem. These skills are at the forefront of any child’s personal development. Many schools do one whole school production a year, but we are proud that each year group has the opportunity to do a production every year. Our productions include everyone, whether that’s behind the scenes or taking the leading role. Drama is non-exclusive, and we encourage every child to seize this opportunity to express themselves.  

Excellence in Art and DT 

At Highfield, we create exciting and challenging projects - it’s all about children having ‘eureka moments’. We have separate subject areas and a designated DT Workshop and Art Studio, other schools are simply not so lucky. 

We believe that every child is an artist and in return, all children at Highfield love Art. Art gives the children chance for creative expression and personal discovery and helps them to develop problem-solving, lateral and critical thinking skills. Our specialist teaching focuses on fundamental skills but always with an emphasis on providing an encouraging and inspirational environment. The Art Studio has fantastic resources and even our very own kiln. Life in the Art Studio is never dull. Pupils explore all media including clay, printmaking, painting, mixed media and digital media. We instil a growth mindset in our pupils and they appreciate that Art is a universal language through which anyone can succeed. Individuality is wholeheartedly embraced.

DT offers excellent opportunities for the children to share ideas and learn to collaborate and work together. In DT lessons, children work on a range of projects covering manufacturing, CAD, needle work, wood work and metal work. These projects allow the children to use a range of different equipment and machinery including our very own 3D printer and laser cutter.

Commitment to Teaching Essential Life Skills

We understand that parents are keen to see their children developing skills beyond the academic, skills like teamwork, problem solving and independent thinking.

Our Keys Programme focuses on the development of life skills that are vitally important for the children's futures, at senior school, university and the workplace. Without the pressure of assessments and exams, children often exceed their own expectations and recognise their extraordinary potential. Many Keys activities are new to the children and with no prior knowledge or experience, they must learn to take risks.

  • Year 5 - ‘Who Am I?’ They take on a diverse range of activities to discover their own likes, such as Yoga, Bushcraft and Orienteering.
  • Year 6 - ‘Developing Me’ They develop personal skills such as happiness, strength, resolution and empathy. This sees them involved in a variety of activities from Study Skills and Touch Typing to Photography and Thinking Skills.
  • Year 7 - 'Developing The School' Children are given the opportunity to support and improve the school environment and this experience develops their kindness, thoughtfulness and respect. They work on Mindfulness, Charity Projects and help some of the younger members of our school in Brookham Nursery Pre-prep.
  • Year 8 - 'Developing The Wider Community' Children take part in something truly unique to Highfield - our Highreach Programme. This involves invaluable work with three local charities; Stepping Stones, Hollywater School and The Peak Centre Trust. We place great importance on our children understanding the importance of service and care in the wider community and our Highreach Programme enables our older children to gain first-hand experience of this. 

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