English Language Teaching

Our three week Summer School provides 60 hours of English Language teaching with qualified, experienced English Teachers. Children are taught in small classes of typically 8-10 students grouped according to their age and proficiency in English.

At the beginning of the course, students complete an informal assessment to help us understand their current level of English and determine which group would be most appropriate enabling them to make the best possible progress. 

Full Immersion

Immersive English language course Every lesson is taught in English by native speakers of English, who constantly challenge the students to expand their understanding and improve their fluency. Teachers use a range of methods including role play, listening games, interviews and talks. Students have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills by giving presentations to the rest of the students in our morning assemblies.

Outside of the classroom, school life is conducted in English and our strict admissions policy ensures a diversity of first languages which encourages students to integrate and be motivated to speak English at all times. This immersive approach encourages fluency to develop quickly.

Academic English

Academic English Lesson We aim to ensure students improve their language skills while learning about a fun and exciting mix of subjects with something of interest to everyone. As a result we favour the CLIL (content integrated) approach where students develop their speaking, understanding, reading and writing skills through topic work and we encourage our teachers to include academic subjects, using this approach, where they are able. For example, students study the relevant History topics in their classes preceding each historical excursion, they may study Geography topics such as Renewable Energy and the Environment including a visit to Highfield’s renewable energy installations. All students also receive a Science lesson with our Highfield Head of Science each week and conduct practical Science experiments in our Science laboratories.

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Summer School Awards English Course for Young LearnersAt the end of the first week, parents receive a brief written report letting them know how their child has settled in. A full academic and pastoral report, along with an update on the activities and sports coaching they have enjoyed is sent home at the end of the course. Each student receives a certificate at our Awards Ceremony on the final day.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their lessons and activities in regular 'Journal' sessions. We find this is a great way to embed the things they have learned during the day, but also serves as a wonderful reminder of their experiences and activities, as well as the friendships they have made during their time with us. Students take their journals home to share with their parents at the end of the course.

NEW DATES FOR 2022:  16th July - 6th August

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Highfield Summer School offers intensive English language teaching and the opportunity to experience all the fun of life in an English country boarding school, including professional sports coaching and an exciting array of activities and excursions. All this, within 175 acres of safe, beautiful countryside, with outstanding facilities and a caring and supportive environment.

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