Thinking of others, Brookham pick their annual charity

Thinking of others, Brookham pick their annual charity
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Raising money for charity is a strong focus at Brookham. At the beginning of each academic year we ask the parents and children to help us decide which charity we will focus on for our fundraising activities. As well as raising money for our main chosen charity we also support other local, national and international charities that hold various fund raising events through the course of the year.

At Brookham we believe that we all need to consider the needs of others and through the three houses, Oak, Ash and Willow, the children help to raise money in a variety of ways. Each term one of the houses holds an event in order to raise money for our chosen charity. The children come up with fundraising ideas, which involve both fun and hard work, and each event is of course very well supported by the staff and parents.

Our PTA, The Friends of Brookham, also organises and supports events throughout the year to add to the funds we raise through the children’s efforts. Although many of these events are social in nature they always contain an element of fund raising. Over the last years we have been highly successful in supporting a number of extremely worthwhile charities such as the Chestnut Tree House Hospice for ChildrenThe Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationUNICEFDreams Come True,The Hot Courses Foundation village in Nyumbani, Kenya and Canine Partners.

As in previous years, our parent body was approached for suggestions as to which charity to support this year.  Choosing from a short list of three international charities that support children around the world, every child at Brookham voted for the charity they most wanted to support and there was a clear winner.  This academic year we are fundraising for The Sausage Tree Charity, which supports children in a remote community in rural Zambia. This charity is run on a purely voluntarily basis, with no salaries or office costs.  The money raised goes directly to children and schools in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. Projects undertaken by the charity so far include helping to renovate and resource three schools, paying teachers salaries, initiating tree planting schemes and educating orphaned and vulnerable children through primary and secondary school and college.  The charity was founded by a teacher in West Sussex and is supported by a number of Brookham School parents. Brookham children were introduced to the charity through a whole school assembly that explained some of the projects run by Sausage Tree Charity that the children could support. Through their school council the children voted overwhelmingly to try to raise enough money to dig a borehole to provide fresh water for a village community. This provided great inspiration for many fundraising activities including house events such as pumpkin carving and Easter egg decorating and garden design. Money has also been raised through cake sales and Christmas card sales and there are many other events still to come. Friends of Brookham have also been busy raising money through events such as a children’s disco and a parent’s quiz night. 

Sausage Tree Well

A total of £6,522.79 was raised.

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