Year 4 Play: Alice in Wonderland

Year 4 Play: Alice in Wonderland
Productions Highfield Prep School

Only four weeks ago, Year 4 commenced their Alice in Wonderland journey and what a journey it has been; meeting the Mock Turtle in Wonderland, battling with the Duchess in her kitchen, having tea with the Mad Hatter and playing croquet with the Queen.

Rehearsals started in Music and Drama lessons and the transformation we have seen has been spectacular. The main objective for the Year 4 production this year was to ensure that all children were involved as much as possible, and therefore it was decided that the majority of the cast would be on stage for the whole performance. An hour on stage would be a daunting task for anyone, but the children rose to the challenge and we were so impressed with their focus and concentration, whilst also learning how to react to what was going on around them. 

All the children threw themselves into their parts most impressively, learning all the words to all the songs and the Year 4 team were especially overjoyed to see real teamwork and support, crucial in a performance like this, from all the children.

The final performance on Tuesday was an absolute highlight of the past month’s work. It all came together with fantastic singing and outstanding acting from all. All the children have grown in confidence and pushed themselves further than they would have thought possible. The final song of the performance highlighted their success as their smiles lit up the stage. This was a wonderful end to a fabulous year; well done Year 4!

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