Year 8 Play: Matilda

Year 8 Play: Matilda
Highfield Prep School Productions

As the years have gone by I am still amazed at how the children of Year 8 manage to shine so brightly in their end of year production. This year has been no different. In only eight full days of rehearsals the children go from staggering their way through the play to practically running away with it. The material of Matilda has been so conducive to bringing the best out in the children, and it has been even more special this year as this is the first year group that I have seen through their whole time at Highfield.

I have once again been enormously lucky to have James Marriott as my right hand man and, with the wonderful musical support of John Mühlemann, it has been such a strong team. The children have really stepped up to the mark.All of the performances have been different, and as they grew in confidence throughout the week so did their work. It is always such a pleasure to see the children responding to an audience, the buzz that they get from this is written all over their faces.

The Year 8 play is such a wonderful opportunity to have one last chance to work as a whole, and this is where the Arts are so important in giving the children a different experience to what they are used to.

The song “When I Grow Up” seems very poignant at this time of year with these fantastic children moving on to the next chapter of their life, I hope for their sake they don’t grow up too quickly!

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