House Poetry Recitation Competition

House Poetry Recitation Competition
Highfield Prep School Events

On Friday 13th October, the school gathered in the newly refurbished Theatre for one of the highlights of the House Calendar, the Poetry Recitation Final. Six children took to the stage to recite their poems to the whole school and our judge, Mr John Carroll, English Teacher and Head of Sixth Form and member of the Admissions Department at Marlborough College.

As usual judging this competition was incredibly difficult as the standard of performance was so high. The children chose a wide range of poems, from the comical Excuses, Excuses by Gareth Owen to the thought provoking and sombre Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen. Mr Carroll was extremely positive in his comments about the performances, while also offering helpful tips for the future. We are very grateful to him for giving up his time to judge the competition.
In the end, Ottilie Hinds’ beautiful recitation of The Kitten in the Falling Snow by James Kirkup resulted in her being awarded Best in School. All of the performers’ scores were totalled towards the House Competition; the winning House this year was Agincourt.
Congratulations to everyone who took part in this wonderful competition!
Year 4
1st - Annabel Manning
2nd - Henrietta Baillieu
3rd - Kitty Black
Year 5
1st - Sonny Warr
2nd - Thea Porter
3rd - Selina Hunter
Year 6
1st - Hattie Glaister
2nd - Sammy Valentine
3rd - Alfie Lingham
Year 7
1st - Rory Gordon
2nd - William Locke
3rd - Jessica Valentine
Year 8
1st - Ottilie Hinds
2nd - Kitty Hardwick
3rd - Serena McKenzie

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