Year 2 Science Day

Year 2 Science Day
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Events

Year 2 were visited by scientist, Dr. Jasmine for a workshop focusing on materials; the majority of which were recyclable. The children were 

shown how the substance in nappies can be used to soak up liquids and form solids, how dough can be used to conduct electricity within a circuit and how an old plastic bottle can be turned into an amazing paint brush by filing it with coloured water and putting a few pin holes in it. As part of their workshop, the children were able to explore new uses for old recyclable materials and enjoyed using 3D cinema glasses to create polarised imagery. The children were also shown how left over PVA glue can be used to make their own bouncy balls. Finally, the children were shown how to make amazing 2D bubbles using old pipe cleaners and straws.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was a fantastic opportunity for them to explore the wonderful world of science.

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