British Long Jumper visits Brookham school

British Long Jumper visits Brookham school
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Events

Brookham were so excited to be visited by a British and Nigerian Long Jump Champion, Ezekeil Ewulo.

Ezekeil led children from Reception to Year 3 through an exciting fitness curicuit, for which the children have been raising sponsorship money to go towards Brookham’s chosen charity,  “Momentum”.

After a range of activities including lots of star jumps, press ups and mountain climbers, the children were exhausted.  They impressed Ezekiel with their determination, endurance and coordination and all of them finished their circuit training with huge smiles of success.

During an inspirational assembly from Ezekiel, Brookham’s children learned all about the jumper’s road to success; how to eat for long lasting energy and the importance of resilience and determination when competition and training. The children were also thrilled to look at and hold Ezekiel’s Gold and Silver medals, from both British and Nigerian Championship competitions.

Four lucky children were invited to demonstrate their standing long jump technique, all of whom impressed Ezekiel with their power and balance. Mr Williams and Mrs Oecken also got to demonstrate their jumping skills and were naturally, extremely impressive.

Ezekeil astounded the children with his own demonstration of a huge standing long jump and tales of his 7 metres and 90 centimetres long jump personal best. He also ‘wowed’ us all by telling us he has over 250 medals!!

We are so excited for the return of summer and the athletics season.  We cannot wait to put all Ezekiel’s inspirational tips into practice.

Well done and thank you so much for all of the money raised towards such a brilliant charity.

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