Visit to Winchester Christmas Market

Visit to Winchester Christmas Market
Highfield Prep School Trip

Boarders awoke to a glorious, crisp morning last Sunday and enjoyed a delicious brunch to prepare them for a full day at Winchester Christmas Market.

After a pleasant coach journey we enjoyed a stroll through the historical market town of Winchester and meandered our way along lovely lanes, through Christmas crowds to the glistening ice rink. Some skated, and some of us slipped and sang along to music played over an impressive sound sys-tem. We saw some very impressive skating from Ptolemy Myers and Elmir Tabeev in particular. Regardless of age and ability, what was really heart warming to see was our senior children helping our juniors, and everyone having a go. Poor Mr Urrutia and Tanish had a fall or two, but were great sports about it! After our fabulous skate we all enjoyed a stroll through the Christmas Market. The smells, sights and sounds made us all feel very festive as we breathed in the warming scent of hot chocolate, mulled wine, roasting chestnuts being on open fires and the ringing of the bells of Winchester Cathedral. It really was a perfect day. The boarders enjoyed buying little Christmas presents for loved ones and a treat such as a candy cane or macaroon for themselves to enjoy. Just when noses were starting to turn red, and toes and fingers were tingling with cold, it was time to leave and head back to Highfield. This was a wonderful, wintery and merry day enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Jack Rennison, Florence Gray, Ignatio Urrutia and Henry Davies-Evitt for all their help during the day, and to Jane Hamilton for organising such a successful day out for us all.

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