Year 2 trip to the Living Rainforest

Year 2 trip to the Living Rainforest
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Trip

Year 2 had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Living Rainforest in Newbury last week. When they arrived, the children were met by their tour guide and went straight into the large greenhouses. Even though it was only the first week of the topic, the children were able to answer questions put to them by their guides about the different layers of the rainforest, how different plants gather water and how some plants can be used for medicines. 

They visited the underwater gardens and saw Pacu fish and learnt that they have teeth similar humans (as they are  omnivores).  They also found out that these huge fish are one of the rainforests main seed distributors. The children learnt that the Madagascan Teal, which look very similar to the common female Mallard duck found in the UK, are threatened by extinction.  Speaking of ducks, we had to watch our heads a few times as wild Turacos flew above us. These beautifully coloured birds are normally found living in the canopy of the African forest eating fruit. One of the children’s favourite animals was the Goeldi’s monkey from South America.  

Finally, the children visited the living jewels of the rainforest, the dart frogs. These South American frogs are highly poisonous and brightly coloured in order to deter predators. Unfortunately, we unable to see the sloth this year as it was fast asleep in his little den. Overall it was an amazing and informative trip and one that the children thoroughly enjoyed.



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