Year 3 Chocolate Workshop

Year 3 Chocolate Workshop
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Events

Year 3 are delighted to announce that on Friday they all qualified as Chocolatologists!  You might wonder what this may be?

A Chocolatologist is someone who has expert knowledge about chocolate.  This includes the History of Chocolate, how Cacao beans are grown and harvested, the journey that the beans take from tree to bar, and how chocolate is made.  Year 3 even learned the secret recipes for dark, milk and white chocolates.  Additionally, Year 3 designed and made their own chocolate bars to take home, full of dreamy, creamy crunchy delights.  But that’s not all! They also designed and named their own chocolate bars in the invention workshop.  One day, they may be famous chocolatiers, but for now they are Chocolatologists!  A huge thank you goes to Carl, who made this all possible. 

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