Festival of Languages Day

Festival of Languages Day
Highfield Prep School Events

A selection of budding linguists from Years 5 and 6 were selected to attend Portsmouth High School's 'Festival of Languages' day last Thursday. The feedback from the girls who attended the day last year was fantastic, so we were keen for Highfield to go again this year. We set off early to avoid any traffic and made it in time for a walk on the beach in the morning sun and a hot chocolate before the day officially began. 

To begin, the girls had to solve a tricky languages puzzle, answering a range of complicated language-based questions to reveal the name of a mystery country. The girls were very keen to solve the puzzle and excited when they finally revealed the country of Luxembourg. They were then taken on a scavenger hunt around the school by Year 7 girls with clues in Spanish to find 12 different flags of countries including Pakistan, Russia, India, Indonesia and Poland. They then had to race back and match the correct flag to the country. Our girls came Third!

After a presentation given by two Sixth Form girls in fluent French, the most exciting part of the day commenced: the Carousel of Languages. Each table hosted a different language and had the chance to try out those languages in a mini lesson. The tables were run by a mixture of Sixth Form pupils and teachers. The girls were able to try German, Russian, Finnish, Bengali, Vietnamese, Greek and Urdu! 

The whole day was exciting and stimulating and the girls came away with a real enthusiasm and zest for just how learning foreign languages can be. 

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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